At our farm we grow our microgreens from premium non-gmo seeds (organic when available) without fertilizers or pesticides so that our clients can enjoy them knowing they are consuming the best.

Now delivering Tuesdays and Thursdays

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Farm to Table Chefs

Elevating discerning chefs creations at local restaurants in the Denver metro area. 

Twice weekly delivery to your restaurant, commissary kitchen or food truck.

Daily Fresh Sheets.  Mobile Ordering.  Flexible Standing Orders.

Home Chefs

We have a great selection of microgreens, herbs and edible flowers for home chefs that want to take it up a notch, whether it's experimenting in the kitchen, hosting elegant dinner events or playful patio parties with cocktails and mocktails, we have a products that will suit you.    One-time event or setup weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly delivery service.


Fresh greens, flowers and herbs.  Delivered.


Cocktail Programs

Purveyors of craft cocktails and mocktails always need that extra something to make their drinks stand out.  Whether utilizing our suggested uses or creating a classic combination of your own, our fresh herbs and edible flowers can elevate your drink menu above everyone else.

Twice Weekly Delivery.  Daily Fresh Sheet.  Specialty/Grown to Order.

Healthy Subscriptions


Subscription services for those who understand the health and nutritional benefits of microgreens and want to incorporate them into their daily lives. 


Whether they are blended into a smoothie, juiced, added to or becomes your salad, a refreshing burger topper, a spicy sandwich stuffer, or just for snacking on delicious sunflower or pea shoots, our greens will surely satisfy. 


If you are a commercial, health-oriented kitchen, spa, gym or juice bar, or any other institutional kitchen, assisted living or educational campus, we can grow for you!


Weekly, Bi-Weekly, or Monthly Home Delivery.