Delivery Information

For optimal freshness we deliver directly after harvest on Tuesdays and Thursdays. We understand that some chefs may need special delivery times which can be arranged for a small fee through our website as we will likely utilize private delivery services. Free delivery with orders of $50 or more, otherwise there is a small delivery fee of $10.

Who can I contact if there is a problem with my order?

We strive to satisfy all of our clients with the best customer service we possibly can, please contact us as soon as a problem arises at:


[email protected] / 720.828.6134

What sizes can I order?

We currently deliver in 4oz containers or 8oz for our mixes, sunnies and pea shoots.

Are you certified organic?

While we do not currently hold an organic certification, all of our greens are grown from Organic, non-GMO seed and we do not utilize any chemical pesticides. We even filter the water we use for our greens! The result is a high quality, clean, nutritious and safe food.

Location and hours?

6803 E 47th Ave. Unit C Denver CO 
We can be contacted during normal business hours or by email 24/7.

Can I visit the farm?

Absolutely, but you will be required to adhere to the health and hygiene principles that we have established for the facility. Contact us for more information and to schedule a tour.

Special events and large orders?

We will do our best to accommodate special or large orders, but due to the nature of microgreen farming we require advance notice depending on the scale of the order.

Press and media inquiries?

For all media inquiries please email us at [email protected] or call us at 720.828.6134

Can you grow something special for me? Custom blend for my restaurant?

Yes, maybe. We are constantly experimenting with new varieties and will test them out with the local market. If you have something specific you'd like to see, contact us and we will see about getting it added to our growing pipeline. As far as custom or proprietary blends for your restaurant or restaurant group, please contact us with your ideas and we will work with you to make it happen.

What are microgreens anyways?!?!

Microgreens are the seedlings of vegetables and herbs. Once the seed of an herb or vegetable begins to grow, it is considered a sprout. Once the sprout begins to grow, the baby plant is considered a microgreen. Due to their high antioxidant content and nutritional density, microgreens are considered a functional food, a food that promotes health or prevents disease. Consuming plant-based foods of all kinds has been linked to a reduced risk of many health conditions, such as obesity, diabetes, heart disease, and high blood pressure.